Unlock the most powerful energy in the World: Human Capacity! Weekly classes utilizing chess-based strategy, mini-games, book-projects and inter-active learning to develop Math-skills, STEM-skills, creativity, leadership, strategic thinking, entrepreneurial skills, concentration, life-long learning, purpose-thinking, team-leadership & communication, etc. Serving self-paying communities and disadvantaged communities through a structured, mentored & quality-driven approach. Serving children from pre-school to Grade 3 (MiniChess START SMART), as well as young leadership development (12 year-olds), Teens, Young Professionals, Entrepreneurs, Team-leaders and Corporates through MindCo Unlimited short-course trainings.

We are looking for:

Individuals who are passionate about empowering PEOPLE, from young children (5 year-olds) through high school up to the Corporate world, and who are committed to build their own business as a Gamechanger for 21st Century empowerment. Working on a flexi-basis, while building/managing purpose-teams and a broad client-base: from pre-schools, primary and high schools, professionals, entrepreneurs to Team-leaders. To be confident and committed towards building a successful self-owned business

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